Benefits Of Tango For Shy Kids

Benefits Of Tango For Shy Kids

Dancing can help children and teenagers grow in many positive ways. From the physical conditioning to the increase of flexibility, the physical benefits are endless. Dancing also teaches kids about taking responsibility, how to follow directions, and how to appreciate music and the arts. But did you know that there are many benefits that dancing can provide for kids who are shy? Here are just three ways in which Tango can benefit kids who struggle with shyness. 

It Can Lift Mood Levels 

Kids can go through a range of emotions and moods as hormones take over and change their bodies. These changes can begin as young as age ten. These changes can be difficult to deal with, throwing your already awkward child further into their shell. 

Exercising helps the body release endorphins, which are hormones that can make them feel good. Tango is a great form of exercise that gets the body moving and sends the blues packing. Stress and worry can make it tough to get into an exercise routine, but Tango is a routine that’s fun to do to burn off stress. It leads to an increase in their overall sense of wellbeing. 

It Helps With Socialization 

Tango dancing is a physical activity, but it’s also a very social activity. It can help improve a child’s social skills when it comes to communication. It also teaches them how to:

  • - Work together as part of a team

  • - Develop a greater sense of trust

  • - Cooperate with others

  • - Make new friends 

  • - Ease performance anxiety  

  • - Have appositive attitude 

A shy child who is enrolled in a Tango class will learn how to reach out to other kids in their age group. This can reduce anxiety about new people and places. Children can form friendships that can last a lifetime as they begin to feel more confident in themselves and in others. 

It Improves Self-Esteem

Learning Tango requires making bodily adjustments and movements to get into the postures required to dance well. As they make these adjustments, they learn more about their bodies. The more they learn, the more comfortable they become in their own skin, and this can lead to a great sense of self-awareness and self-esteem. 

Children who learn Tango carry a more positive attitude that can lead to exploration of their self-expression.  This can be especially helpful for children who have physical or mental impairments, or are dealing with emotional or behavioral problems. And the benefits can continue well into adulthood; kids who have a background in dance have higher levels of self-confidence when they get older thanks to their experience dancing on stage in front of an audience. 

If you’re looking for a place to bring your child out of their shell, look no further. We’ll help your child reap all of the soul blossoming benefits that Tango has to offer. We provide an encouraging environment that will lead to a positive experience for your child. Contact us today to learn more. 

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