Help Your Child Gain Confidence Through Dance

Help Your Child Gain Confidence Through Dance

Parents regularly sign their kids up for sports and other physical activities.  It gives them a way to burn off their youthful energy productively, it teaches them skills that could come in handy years later, and it gives them a place to meet new friends and experience new things.  Tango lessons can be one such activity, and kids can learn more than just how to dance.  Tango can teach kids confidence, and that’s a useful trait to have no matter how old you get.

You Can Learn How To Lead And How To Follow

Like most partner dances, it’s up to one of the partners to lead while the other one follows.  Traditionally the male partner would lead while the female would follow, but these days it’s perfectly acceptable for partners to switch between sets and for tango dancers to choose partners of the same gender.  This helps with confidence because when you lead you can trust your partner to follow you, and when you follow you can trust yourself to keep up with your partner.

You Can Accept Your Mistakes

Mistakes are a part of life, and people who demand perfection from themselves or from others will always be disappointed.  Sometimes kids can have trouble coming to terms with this fact, and tango gives them an opportunity to do just that.  No one can tango perfectly on their first day, and learning the more complex moves can take weeks.  Every mistake you make in tango is obvious to at least one other person, the partner, and so by practicing the tango your kids will learn that making mistakes is okay and part of the learning process.

Understanding A New Partner Takes Time

When two people first meet, they rarely ever click together.  Learning what a person is like takes time, but that can become time well-spent as you find out what you have in common and you make a new friend.  Learning to tango with a new partner is exactly the same:  every person has their own approach to the tango and it can take a few songs before two partners know how to move with each other.  By dancing the tango with new partners, your child can become more confident when meeting new people.

You Can Still Have Fun When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

One way to show confidence is to keep moving forward and keep enjoying yourself even when things are going against you, and that can happen sometimes in tango.  Maybe the song just isn’t your speed, maybe you or your partner are having a bad day, or maybe the other dancers keep getting in the way at just the wrong moments.  However, you should still smile and keep on dancing and enjoying yourself.

Tango can be a lot of fun for kids and adults of every age, and it can teach a lot of important life lessons along the way.  That’s why many parents sign their kids up for tango lessons at Ultimate Kids Tango.  Have a look at our website and see which lessons are right for your children.

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