Kids Who Learn Tango Learn To Move To The Music

Kids Who Learn Tango Learn To Move To The Music

People who live are a long way from Argentina. Most people don’t know that there’s a difference between Argentine Tango and ballroom Tango. There’s not only a difference in the way they look, but a difference in the way they danced. While ballroom Tango has a very prominent tempo, Argentine tango is varied. It has no basic step, and is considered to be an improvisational dance. 

This is what makes Argentine tango perfect for kids. It’s dramatic, fun, and full of spirit. Its loose manner lets kids be who they are as the music flows over them. And speaking of music, that’s what draws kids of all ages to want to dance in the first place. 

It’s All About The Music 

Kids who are serious about becoming great dancers need to focus on their connection to the music. But it’s more than just rhythm and dancing in time. It’s about feeling the notes of the song and learning how to express the words with movement, whether it’s excitement, sadness, or joy. And it’s about extending the long notes physically, or nailing the short ones. 

Knowing the songs in advance can help your child think about what steps will work best during certain sections. If there are fast counts, corresponding steps can be planned out with perfection. This is why many people who tango listen to their music at home before their lessons. 

Moving To The Sound 

There are many steps that kids can learn that can enhance musicality. Not all dance routines must be long sequences that flow along with the whole song. Steps that are simple in nature can be adapted to go along with the music at different points. As the music moves, your child will learn to move in different ways along with it. This can encourage your child to be more creative as they play with:

  • - Rebounds

  • - Quick side-steps

  • - Weight changes

  • - Direction changes

  • - Quick stops on the beat  

Whether it’s for their Tango class, or the middle school formal, it’s the little movements that add spice and flair to their dance.

Get A Feel For All Music 

Children who Tango will learn to develop a feel for all tango music, not just the pieces they like. The more they learn, the more they’ll listen to. Whether it’s on their headphones, or on their radio, they’ll start to feel the music no matter where they are. They’ll find songs that they can take to lessons and develop routines too. This can lead to a deeper appreciation of all genres of music, even taking them back into classical and baroque.   

So if music makes your child want to move, let them get up and start moving. For kids, we offer tango lessons that will help them build self-esteem and stay active during the summer months. Contact us today to learn more about enrolling your child into something special.

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