Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Life is always a challenge, even in a developed nation like America, but there are issues particular to youth that, from that younger perspective, can seem bigger and more complex than they need to be. The teen years are full of learning and self-discovery, and that often means having to make a great many choices, some of which are trivial, and some of which can have a life-long impact.

Of course, it’s hard to tell which choices will be the ones that are major and minor, but it’s generally easy to see which may be more positive choices and which ones are negative. If you’re a parent, you may be interested in steering your teen towards more positive experiences, and if you’re a teen, the best way to find out whether something is for you or not is to give it at least a try. This is where learning the tango comes in.

Why The Tango?

The tango is a dance, but while it is complex, and can take some time to learn, it doesn’t fall in the same category as older, more formal dances from Europe, such as the waltz, or other ballroom forms. However, at the same time, the tango isn’t as casual and informal as typical night club dancing, which requires little in the way of formal teaching or practice to dance strictly for fun.

The tango is a dance that came from the bars and clubs of Argentina in the 19th century. Some forms of the dance have roots in the passion and romance of the streets. So unlike the more staid, genteel forms of European dance, there is very a much a tradition of romance, rebellion and passion in these dances.

What This Means For Teens

Of course, leaning a new dance, or taking up any unfamiliar art form, such as music, or art, can be an intimidating experience. But there are benefits to having the curiosity to learn something new. It builds character and helps shape a personality in positive ways to be receptive to the unfamiliar.

Life and the ability to succeed is about seeing something new, and being willing to explore it, adapt to it, and take it up if it proves useful. After all, does it make any sense to ignore a hot new app, just because it’s new?

It’s Social

As the old saying goes, “it takes two to tango,” but the full meaning of that truism only becomes apparent when you step onto the dance floor and do it.  The tango is a way to broaden horizons beyond the immediate social circle of school.  In some cases, with friends taking the same class, it may be a way to strengthen some of those bonds.

But learning to dance the tango with someone else teaches important social and movement skills. It expands confidence as mastery is achieved, and strengthens character and adaptability, in addition to being a physically fit activity. If you or a teen you know can benefit from this, then contact Ultimate Kids Tango. We help people to discover a side of themselves they didn’t know was there.

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