How Tango Teaches Children To Work Together

How Tango Teaches Children To Work Together

Argentine Tango isn’t a solo experience, and child students in the Medford, MA area enrolled in Ultimate Tango Kids will be expected to learn while working together. The dance can be viewed as a project that cannot be completed alone, and pairs will be tasked with working alongside one another in order to turn their final dance into a reality. They’ll work alongside one another to learn the steps, to immerse in the culture, and to ultimately take part in the final dance performance. For children who may not have siblings, those who are shy, or those who are otherwise having trouble learning how to work alongside a peer, Argentine Tango might be just what they need. 

The Benefits Of Learning Teamwork Early

Teamwork is something that everyone in the Medford, MA area will use just about every day throughout their lives. Either going about life in the community or getting through the day at work, we’re required to live and function amongst others every single day. The benefits of learning teamwork early are numerous, and some of these are: 

  • Teamwork builds conflict resolution skills – Even if you are best friend with your tango partner, there are times when you are going to disagree. In young children, these disagreements can escalate into conflicts quite easily, which can lead to teams resenting one another and not working together as effectively as they should. Early learning of teamwork skills teaches young people how to resolve conflict is a fast, healthy, and effective manner. 

  • Teaches compassion – Compassion is another skill that will bring great benefit when learned early. Being able to feel empathy for another person is a skill that will take any young person very far in life. When working alongside a partner, children in Medford, MA will learn caring and compassion for their partner’s feelings, while their partner learns the same for theirs. 

  • Teaches communication – When working together, communication is a key element to any type of success. Two minds cannot read each other, and students will have to openly and effectively communicate to combine their ideas and their feelings into one central unit. These communication skills will be retained all throughout life, giving them a leg up professionally, in school, and in all sorts of personal matters. 

  • Learning to handle criticism – It can be hard not to take criticism personally, but the teamwork that Argentine Tango teaches aids in helping kids to take criticism in a healthy way. Their partner may express that they’re performing a step incorrectly, and rather than making it personal, students will learn to communicate and correct what they need to. 

Lifelong Teamwork Skills Through Dance

Teamwork skills in Argentine Tango are often learned without even a realization. Children will simply have fun and learn their dance without seeing fully all of the additional skills they’re picking up, developing, and progressing. To see what Argentine Tango can provide to your little ones in Medford, contact us at Ultimate Tango Kids today. 

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