Tango Dancing For Young Adults

Tango Dancing For Young Adults

Tango is an old style of dance that was born in the poor country areas of Argentina and Uruguay.  It melded half a dozen different dance traditions from across Europe and Africa, and after its popularity soared in its home countries it began to spread throughout the rest of the world.  Today, tango is one of the most popular dance styles in America.  Kids and adults of all ages can sign up for tango lessons, but young adults in high school are at a particularly good age to start.

Tango Is Good Exercise

Tango isn’t the most athletically demanding kind of dance, but it is lively and energetic enough to make you work up a sweat.  Tango also has several demanding forms and moves that can give the upper body some exercise without being as simple or repetitive as weight training at the gym.  Young adults who practice tango can also learn good form and posture, techniques that will serve them well in other sports and forms of exercise.

Tango Helps You Meet New People

Tango is a partner dance.  This means you have to spend time with someone one-on-one when you go to a lesson or a dance, and that’s a great way to meet new people.  If the teenager in your life has trouble making friends or always seems to hang out with the wrong crowd, signing them up for tango could be a great way to help them expand their social circle.

Tango Teaches You To Work With Others

The partner aspect of tango is more than an opportunity to meet someone new.  It’s also a way to practice working closely with someone else, either by leading or being led during a dance.  You’ll need to understand your partner’s strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes if you want to have a fun dance, and you can find this out both by feeling how your partner moves during each dance and by talking with them between sessions.  As a young adult in high school, working closely with others is a great skill to learn.

Tango Is A Useful Skill To Learn

Not every hobby or skill we pick up as young adults comes up later in life.  Most people who join a high school sport won’t stick with it through college or go professional, and while it’s nice to try a new hobby in high school kids will often drop those hobbies and move on to other things.  However, tango is more than just a hobby:  it’s a way to show off at dances and formal events like weddings.  It’s also a way for a person and their chosen partner to spend some intimate time together no matter their age.

We teach tango lessons and hold dances for young adults and full adults of every age.  Not only does this let us share our love of tango, it also helps young adults learn skills, stay active, and meet interesting people.  Have a look at our course options and sign up today.

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