What The Argentine Tango Can Teach Young Adults

What The Argentine Tango Can Teach Young Adults

Many teenagers have a love dance. They get their parents to enroll them in classes to learn about different ways to properly shake a leg. Then, these young adults are able to participate in an activity that makes them happy while also gaining insight into various cultures. On other occasions, the kiddos become enrolled in dance classes to ensure that they are prepared to partake in activities at recitals, receptions, or even parties. 

The courses can assist pre-teens and teens in obtaining the self-confidence that they need to get out on the dance floor and cut a rug. After all, parents don't want their kiddo to be the only one at the event sitting in the corner alone because they are afraid of looking silly with their moves. Regardless of why young adults want to learn a new dance, there is one style in particular that they should consider checking out, the Argentine Tango. 

What Is The Argentine Tango?

Readers shouldn't be alarmed if they don't have any idea what this dance is as they are likely not the only one. So, the Argentine Tango will be explained here briefly to ensure that people have an understanding of what the venture is all about. This dance originated in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, in the 19th century. It differs from International and American ballroom dancing, and there are various styles of the Argentine Tango such as...

  • Salon Tango

  • Tango Nuevo

  • Neo-Tango

  • Milonguero Tango

In layman's terms, these dances are essentially partners walking together to the beat of the music. The sounds are typically melodic and romantic. Over time, as the Argentine Tango has become more popular internationally, the steps have become a bit more complex. However, whenever a person looks closely and removes the layers, they can still see the simplicity of the dance. 

Students Typically Learn An 8-Step Sequence

Each instructor will have his or her own way of teaching the Argentine Tango, but in many cases, pupils learn eight basic steps. Firstly, the leader takes one step backward. Next, he or she takes a sidestep toward the center of the dance floor. The third move consists of the person stepping on the outside of the follower. Subsequently, the leader then takes a step forward to prepare for the cross. 

For number five, the individual in the lead closes his or her feet while their partner completes the cross-step move. Finally, the sequence is finished with steps six, seven, and eight. All of this sounds more complicated than it actually is, and the young adult will likely pick it up quickly. Thus, they will be dancing to their heart's delight in a matter of no time. 

Young Adults Are Taught To Connect With Their Partners

Male and female pupils learn to build an emotional and mental connection with their companions. At first, things can feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable for the youngsters. However, the instructor will help them break out of their shell while learning the Argentine Tango. The relationship won't be intimate, so that is one worry off of the parents' plate. These teachings can help young adults outside of the dance studio as well. So, don't delay any longer. Instead, get your kiddos enrolled in a class today.

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