Why Tango Lessons Are Perfect For Summer Break

Why Tango Lessons Are Perfect For Summer Break

Summer break has come. Is your kid planning on becoming a couch potato? Instead of spending hours inside, try spending time taking Tango lessons. Summer Tango dancing provides a child with opportunities to socialize, build self-confidence, and increase self-esteem. It also provides many physical benefits that keep your child active. But there are a few key benefits that Tango dancing lessons can provide throughout the summer that you might not have considered. 

Injury Prevention

Taking Tango during the summer break will ensure that your child is continuing an active lifestyle. This can help them prevent various forms of injury when they go back to regular sports when school starts. Stretching before each Tango lesson will keep your child’s body conditioned. They’ll maintain all of the skills used during the school year by using them in class. Tango can also help increase their:

  • - Range of motion

  • - Flexibility

  • - Physical strength

  • - Stamina

  • - Balance 

Time For Technique Improvement

One of the most important parts of dance is proper technique. This is true for many sports as well. The best way to achieve and maintain technique is to practice. Once school gets out for the summer, kids want to relax and hang out with friends. Practice of any kind falls to the wayside. By taking Tango lessons through the summer break, it ensures that all of the hard work they put in through the school year will stay fresh. 

Summer dance lessons gives dancers the opportunity to focus on training without school distractions. Daily training helps kids make progress faster than they can during the school year. Practicing proper technique regularly is critical to improvement. With an entire summer off, some kids can lose the technical proficiency they achieved in prior months. Students who take time off during the summer often need a few months to rebuild their technique. 

Increased Mental Skills

Dancing keeps kids healthy, both physically and mentally. During summer break, it’s easy for your child to get a bit lazy without the routine of school to keep them busy. Summer dance classes give them a focus and teach them discipline that they can carry into the new school year. This can even lead to an improved academic performance. 

Learning choreography, steps, and routines can improve memory skills in young dancers. Coordinating movements and patterns can help aid in the development of cognitive skills. They’ll even learn important skills like time management, focus, and the ability to handle constructive feedback. 

Summer Dance Programs Are Important

Summer dance programs are important. Tango is a healthy and productive way for your child to spend their break away from school and activities. Taking lessons will help develop techniques and improve skills while keeping them fit. From beginner to advanced, there’s a Tango class for everyone. 

Summer goes quick. Don’t let your kid spend it being a couch potato. Contact us to learn about all of the summer Tango classes we offer to keep your child healthy and happy. 

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