Why Teens Should Learn The Argentine Tango

Why Teens Should Learn The Argentine Tango

For parents that are dealing with kids in their teens, there may be some anxiety about what to do now that summer is here. A teenager with time to kill can find many ways to fill up the schedule, but there’s always a question of just how productive those alternatives are.

One way that you might be able to keep teens occupied and engaged is with more classes. Of course, a return to a typical school setting is not what any teen wants to do during the summer. But if you’re looking for something different, learning the Argentine Tango might be the ticket. But what is it, and what can it do for teenagers?

The Story Of The Tango

The Tango itself is a South American dance, and while there is no in-depth, clearly referenced historical studies on the topic, a lot of research points to 19th century Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, as the birthplace of the tango. It should be no surprise then, that with a name like Argentine Tango, this dance also comes from Buenos Aires.

The dance, however, is not a formal one that was conceived in the ballrooms of the upper society of Buenos Aires. Like many classical dances of today, the Argentine Tango has its roots in the folk, as a flexible, versatile dance conceived in the bars and dance clubs of the streets. Because there was far less structure, refinement, and rigidity about how to dance in these locales, it resulted in the Argentine Tango itself becoming a versatile dance with many styles and adaptation for just about any situation.

Something For Teens

Because of how dynamic, demanding, and intense the Argentine Tango can be, this is a far cry from the formal dancing introductions that teenagers might have experienced in schools, with waltzes and polkas. Physically and visually, the Argentine Tango looks very different from the more staid, clinical dances of Europe, and carries a passion and energy in the movements that can appeal to teens.

It’s An Outlet

Teenagers are a raging storm of high metabolism, boundless energy, and hormonal tsunamis, and all of it needs to go somewhere. Dancing is not a passive activity, demanding coordination, core strength, and providing a healthy cardiovascular workout for people that commit to just how much this activity requires. If you need something that can give a teenager a serious workout, Argentine Tango dancing will do it.

It’s Supervised Socializing

An Argentine Tango dancing class is run and supervised by an experienced teacher. So not only does this mean that your teen is learning something from an expert, the teaching is coming in a safe, productive environment, where social engagement is not only encouraged, but required. It gives teenagers a way to interact with each other in a way that can be intimate and intense, but is still safe, and has the approval of parents since it is all carefully supervised.

If you think your teenager is interested in learning the Argentine Tango, or you want to find out whether that interest exists, contact Ultimate Kids Tango. We can give your kids a taste of the dance floor and see what happens.

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